WITTI – BEDDI Glow Review

WITTI – BEDDI Glow Review
8.3 Total Score


WITTI – BEDDI Glow Review
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  • Sunrise simulator
  • White noise generator
  • Sotthing sounds
  • 2 USB Charging ports
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Real-time weather and traffic reports

Witti Beddi glow is unique with many features that other wake up light doesn’t have

Colored Sunrise
WITTI - BEDDI Glow Review

WITTI - BEDDI Glow Review

Welcome to our WITTI – BEDDI Glow Review. White is a relatively new company specializes in creating creative products with revolutionary design. WITTI head quarters located in Los Angles and manage to recruit backers and funds through Kickstarter! Today, one product stands out: the WITTI – BEDDI Glow!

Read our WITTI – BEDDI  wake up light review and understand why!




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Yes, It must always be paired with your mobile phone in order to use all features.
The Beddi wake up light has Bluetooth that connects directly to your phone easily and secured.
Yes, you can integrate Beddi with Apple Music or Spotify and select your favorite playlist that will be used as the alarm sound.


The followings are some features that make the BEDDI Glow unique.


Wake Up Naturally

The Beddi alarm clock is using a sunrise simulation to help you wake up naturally with and increase your energy levels.


Sleep Better

Fall asleep better each night with the amazing white noise generator and soothing sounds.


Charge all your devices

With two USB charging ports you can charge all your devices.


Stream Your Music

Stream your music with Beddi high quality bluetooth speaker.


Real-Time Weather & Traffic Reports

Receive every morning real-time weather and traffic reports.


 The followings are more benefits and reasons why you should buy the WITTI – BEDDI Glow wake-up light.

  • Wake Up Naturally – with BEDDI sunrise simulating wake up light and gradual alarm sound
  • Sleep Better with soothing sounds and BEDDI white noise generator
  • Use the BEDDI to control all features
  • Charge your Devices with 2 high speed USB charging ports
  • Listen to Music with high quality bluetooth speaker

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WITTI – BEDDI Glow Review: The Final Score

Witti Beddi glow is unique with many features that other wake up light doesn’t have, it’s looks amazing and the sound is great, but it’s too dependent on the dedicated mobile app at times and this might be uncomfortable to some.

We enjoyed writing the Witti Beddi glow Wake Up Light Review and happy to give this amazing wake up light a final scores of 8.3/10 as there is very little to fault it for.


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