Philips HF3550 Review

Philips HF3550 Review
8.2 Total Score


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  • Very simple controlling
  • Can be controlled with your mobile
  • Light intensity can be adjusting to your needs
  • A built-in docking station

8.2 Total Score
Philips HF3550 Review

Ease of use
  • Very simple controlling
  • Can be controlled with your mobile
  • Light intensity can be adjusting to your needs
  • A built-in docking station
  • Works on iPhone 4 and below – Needs to purchase a separate adapter.
  • Can set and modify your alarm only by using your phone.
  • Supports IOS8 (or lower)
  • App Last update at 16 October 2015
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Philips HF3550 Review

Waking up naturally gives you increased energy and improved your mood in the morning. Just the things you need when you getting up, the Philips HF3550 wake up light makes that happen. If your curious to see how it works read our Philips HF3550 wake up light review and we will tell you all about it. And by the end of this review you will be ready to decide if this is the right sunrise alarm clock for you. The Philips HF3550 can make your mornings a bit brighter.

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The controlling is very simple – simply download the mobile app and you are ready to go.


Set the alarm straight from your mobile device


Can set the duration of the sunrise simulation and the light intensity


Choose your wake-up sound out of the 8 Natural sounds or any song from your mobile device.


Track your sleep routines and your quality of your sleep.


Can be used as a reading lamp


Play music using the built-in docking station


Includes a sunset simulation that prepare your body to sleep by gradually dimming the light and sound.">

Video Review

Official Video Review by Philips

The Mobile APP

You can download the app straight from the iTunes mobile store the app is very user friendly and easy to use. You can control all settings directly from the app and browse through your sleep behavior of the past days.

You can connect your iPhone with this model, it has a built-in docking station that will help you change your phone at night. In addition, you can also use it as a speaker to play your music and wake up to your favorite song.

This is a multi-language app that support the following languages: English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Spanish, Swedish.

Please note that according to the Philips their APP is supported by iOS 8 or lower.

Why Use?

We all likes to wake up by sunlight, but the weather is not always helpful and that why Philips created this wake-up light inspired by nature sunrise. By using a unique combination of sound and light you can now always wake up in a much more natural way.

The Final Score

If you planning to keep on using your iPhone the Philips HF3550 is the wake-up light for you, it’s great and very easy to use.

The downside is that it’s working only on iOS 8 or lower and if you own iPhone 5 or higher you will need to buy a separate adapter better look elsewhere.

In case you have an old iPhone 4 or iOS 8 device the Philips HF3550 can be great otherwise you should consider buying different model.

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