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For the past couple of years, major consumers’ electronic and lighting companies across the world are in a race to gain the advantage by launching their brand of Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock. Wake-Up lights are innovations which enable people with bad sleeping habits or poor sleeping conditions to sleep and wake up naturally.

They do this by simulating the natural sunrise and sunset—causing the user to fall asleep at night without stress and to wake up in the morning feeling energized—the same way the natural sun and moon processes of sleeping and waking up functions.

Today, the popularity of wake-up lights continues to grow as millions of people have come to realize that these devices works and they do make a huge turning point on how they start each day.

Are you planning to buy a wake-up light therapy device? Below are some frequently asked questions by people who have or are planning to purchase a wake-up light alarm clock.

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Sunrise Alarm Clock FAQ

A wake-up light alarm clock is a sunrise alarm clock that wakes you up with the aid of a light that gradually shines with dawn effects that wake you from sleep gently. Unlike the sudden and rude wake-up sound offered by alarm clock sounds, wake-up light devices peacefully wake you up and make you feel refreshed and complete.
Wake-up light sunrise simulation clocks rely heavily on the human body’s sensitivity to light and mimic the same effect that natural morning light has on the human innate biological body clock. They have a warm wake-up light that brightens gradually around a period of 30 minutes before the real wake-up set time is reached. As the wake-up set time approaches and the light reaches its highest intensity, you will find yourself fully awake to begin a new day.
Of course, they do! Positive testimonies from real time users are readily available online across most trading platforms where some of these devices are sold. In most cases, wake-up lights have proved to be very effective as light therapy, and even received recommendations from doctors to patients suffering from sleep disorderliness. Wake-up lights are the product of highly researched scientific work into how the circadian rhythms of the human body are affected by sunlight.
People who feel dizzy and wake up sluggishly or who wants to wake up feeling more alert and in a relaxed mood, sunrise simulation clock is the answer. People who are easily startled by an alarm clock or simply dislike sounds will also find this very helpful.
When planning to purchase a sunrise light, look for the one that has adjustable brightness settings, LED power display function, multi-coloured sunrise effect, back-up batteries, reading bedside lamp and some other unique functions. The purpose of these features is that you will have the chance to choose from different features that best suit your needs.
No! Some brands come with back-up batteries, and some do not.
Yes! This is the primary reason why wake-up light therapy is preferable to the basic alarm clock sound. If you are sensitive to sounds, most brands offer the options of turning off the sound and making use of the light option as your only wake-up source. This way, you won’t feel disturbed at all.
Yes, it can. Even if your partner is further removed from the range of the device, he or she can still be affected. This is due to the nature of light sensitivity of the people concerned. More sensitive people will be affected by mild exposure while less susceptible people may not feel it at all.
Normally, the brighter the light, the lesser the time it requires to be used. But on average terms, you can get an all-round performance within or less than 30 minutes of use daily.
Lux refers to the measurement of the intensity of the light that the user received at a particular point in time. The level of lux intensity will determine how and when you will wake up.
The bright lights associated with all light therapies are safe as far as the human body is concerned. Most products come with certified bright light display from the relevant authorities on health and environmental safety. So, you need not worry.
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